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3 min readNov 24, 2021


We are thrilled to announce our latest strategic partnership with ZAM.io, the hybrid on-chain Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Driven by the lack of infrastructure to support the transition between Centralized Finance (CeFi) and the blockchain, the team behind Zam.io is delivering a complete financial ecosystem where banking 3.0, infrastructure, prime brokerage services, and payment solutions work hand to hand.

In the following post, we will detail this partnership and highlight the projects’ most relevant features.

The Protocol, Benefits, and the Decentralized web Applications

The Protocol named “zMorgan” works as an on-chain platform for security-backed crypto lending. The goal is to allow stock investors to transition to the blockchain easily.

The benefits of the above mentioned protocol are the ease of access to funds when a borrower needs them, thus avoiding capital gain taxes — the opportunity to reinvest their securities portfolios while getting higher yields.

ZAM.io recently launched multiple web Dapps, which contains:

  • Wallet management unit: This wallet is used to store the public/private keys to access any of your digital assets and transact them. The wallet allows users to connect to any external wallet despite their network.
  • Swap unit: With an in-house Decentralized Exchange, users can swap assets easily within their Dapp to convert assets from one cryptocurrency to another. A user will have all the required data to process the swap operation.
  • Farming unit: The farming unit in Web Dapps gives the possibility for yield farming. This process involves lending cryptocurrency and, most significantly, supplementing new cryptocurrency handouts units.
  • zMetaBoard: The critical advantage of zMetaBoard is its user-friendly interface. Based on clear visuals, tables, graphs, and charts, zMetaBoard makes it easy for any type of user to navigate through the board. Anyone registered in the Zam.io ecosystem can access zMetaBoard. However, the detailed information is accessible only to $ZAM token holders.
  • Staking on ZAM: Zam.io encourages long-term holders to stake their tokens to collect staking rewards, reaching up to 89% APY for early stakers. Zam.io plans to distribute about 23% of the total token supply to the staking reward pool.
  • Informative units (Audit, Blog): The audits unit displays all the audits and certifications passed by the Zam.io ecosystem or its products.

We’re so happy to have another major player in the decentralized exchange field supporting Bold Point. We are sure that together we can establish a successful long-term partnership and flourishing future for all our upcoming projects.

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