YAY Network x MarsBase Seed Round Investment

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3 min readMay 18, 2024


Get ready for the $MBASE token deal, starting on Monday, May 20

We are thrilled to announce to our community that we will be hosting a seed round token deal of MarsBase, an AI-driven infrastructure to compliantly tokenize, list, trade, and exit illiquid, locked assets and RWA.

MarsBase seed round will start on Monday, May 20 at 14:00 UTC and go live until Friday, May 24, 20:00 UTC

In this blog post, we aim to provide you with all the essential information about the deal: quick project overview, key metrics, the tier system for the deal, important links and a guide on how to navigate through our tiered system.

Do you want to check Marsbase’s full analysis? Check the deep dive into MarsBase blog post.

Deal Details and Key Metrics

Seed round token price: 0.025$

FDV: $8M

IMC (Initial market cap): $1 287 000

Vesting Schedule: TGE 4%; 4m cliff; 12m vesting

Token ticker: $MBASE

TGE date: TBD (expected in Q3)

Full tokenomics: link

Live product: https://otcmarsbase.io/

Pitch deck: link

Tier System for the Deal

The token sale for $MBASE will follow a tiered structure, meaning that the more you stake, the higher the allocation you will get. Here is a table, providing more details on the tiers:

The snapshot of staked $YAY will be taken once per day until Thursday. During this period you can get whitelisted and upgrade your tier.

Example 1: you are new to the platform and you decide to stake 50 000 $YAY. Therefore, you belong to Explorer 2 tier. Now you can acquire an allocation of up to $115, including fees.

Example 2: you are currently staking 3.7M $YAY and belong to Elite 2 tier. You decide to stake 1M $YAY more and upgrade the tier. Once the snapshot is done, you will be moved to Elite 1 tier. You will be able to purchase up to $3750 worth of $MBASE, including fees.

*You will be able to purchase $MBASE up to your maximum allocation size, in one or multiple transactions.

How to Acquire Your Allocation?

How to participate in the deal?

  1. Sign up in our investment platform: https://invest.yay.network/
  2. Buy and stake $YAY tokens on our platform: https://stake.yay.network/
  3. Acquire your allocation on the investment portal: https://invest.yay.network/

Getting started with YAY Network is straightforward:

  1. Access our investment platform. (https://invest.yay.network/)
  2. Connect your Web3 Wallet (ex: Metamask, WalletConnect, Rabby)
  3. Create an account by providing your email and Telegram handle.
  4. Explore our platform. Check the available projects and participate in your preferred token launches or buy allocations directly in our OTC marketplace.

How to buy the $YAY token?

You can purchase $YAY on MEXC, Pancakeswap (BSC) and Pangolin (AVAX).

How can I add $YAY to my MetaMask wallet?

Open Metamask and click “Add Token”, then “Custom Token”. Copy and paste our contract address and confirm.

YAY Contract:

Binance Smart Chain: 0x524df384bffb18c0c8f3f43d012011f8f9795579

Avalanche Network: 0x01C2086faCFD7aA38f69A6Bd8C91BEF3BB5adFCa

Are there any fees associated with using YAY Network?

Yes, YAY Network charges a nominal fee for transactions on our platform to cover operational costs and to maintain our high standards of security and service. The fees are set according to the tier. Check the tier system for this sale for more details.

About YAY Network

YAY Network is a leading investment syndicate with a flawless portfolio within the web3 market. The strategy of the syndicate is defined by the overarching vision to spearhead the adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies, driving a significant economic shift, while making it equally accessible. With a team of industry veterans and tech savants, we make strategic investments in carefully selected startups, and guide impressive teams behind them, aiming to create a set of future unicorns that address real-world challenges.



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