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4 min readJun 27, 2024


Get ready for the Lumoz tier-4 nodes deal, starting on Wednesday, 3rd of July

We are thrilled to announce to our community that we will be hosting a node deal of Lumoz, a global modular computing network offering advanced Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) services, supporting Rollup networks, and providing computational power for technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Lumos nodes deal will start on on Wednesday, 3rd of July at 07:00 UTC and go live until Tuesday, 9th of July, 18:00 UTC

In this blog post, we aim to provide you with all the essential information about the deal: quick project overview, key metrics, nodes tiers, important links and a guide on how to navigate through our tiered system.

Do you want to check our full analysis on Lumoz? Check the deep dive into Lumoz blog post.

Key Takeaways

  • Tiers 1–5 out of 10 are officially sold out, but we have secured an allocation for tier-4;
  • Recent funding round implies $300M FDV. Pre-series A round was raised at $120M FDV with HashKey, OKX Ventures and Kucoin Ventures among other backers;
  • 25% of MOZ tokens will be distributed to zkVerifier Nodes, tier-4 nodes will receive tokens at $121.7M valuation, which is almost the same as the pre-series A valuation and 59% lower than Strategic round.
  • Nodes have no cliff whilst private round investors have a 6-month cliff.

What is Lumoz?

Lumoz Network is a global modular computing network offering advanced Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) services, supporting Rollup networks, and providing computational power for technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Deal Details and Key Metrics

Node tier: tier-4

Node price (tier-4): $304

Max FDV (100% participation): $121.7M

Vesting Schedule: 36m vesting, no cliff

Token ticker: $MOZ

TGE date: expected in Q3

Documentation: link

Node tiers: link

Node sale deck: link

Node price and implied FDV for tier-4 is 25% lower than tier-6, available in public.

Tier System for the Deal

The node sale for Lumoz will follow a tiered structure, meaning that the more you stake, the lower the fee you have. Keep in mind that there is no personal cap for the deal. Here is a table, providing more details on the tiers:

The node price for tier-4 is $304. The fee is applied to the price.

You can acquire as many nodes as you want, but the amount should be a multiplier of the price for 1 node.

Example: if you’re eligible for Pro tier, then you can acquire 1 node for $314, 2 nodes for $628, 3 nodes for $942 and so on.

Traction and Backers

Lumoz has fundraised $14M+ in collaboration with OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, IDG Blockchain, Gate Ventures, Polygon, Web3com Ventures and more.

  • Pre-series A valuation (April 2024): $120M;
  • Strategic Round (May 2024): $300M.

Besides that,

  • More than 40 000 nodes have been sold to date. Tiers 1–4 nodes are sold out;
  • 145 miners globally participating, Testnet verification nodes exceeding 20,000;
  • Lumoz supports over 20 L2 chains including Merlin Chain, HashKey Chain, ZKFair, Ultiverse, Matr1x, and more;
  • Community size of millions, with ecosystem TVL totaling over $4 billion.

How to Acquire Your Allocation?

How to participate in the deal if you’re new to YAY Network?

  1. Sign up in our investment platform: https://invest.yay.network/
  2. Buy and stake $YAY tokens on our platform: https://stake.yay.network/
  3. Wait for the WL updates (made on daily basis)
  4. Acquire your allocation on the investment portal: https://invest.yay.network/

Getting started with YAY Network is straightforward:

  1. Access our investment platform. (https://invest.yay.network/)
  2. Connect your Web3 Wallet (ex: Metamask, WalletConnect, Rabby)
  3. Create an account by providing your email and Telegram handle.
  4. Explore our platform. Check the available projects and participate in your preferred token launches or buy allocations directly in our OTC marketplace.

How to buy the $YAY token?

You can purchase $YAY on MEXC, Pancakeswap (BSC) and Pangolin (AVAX).

How can I add $YAY to my MetaMask wallet?

Open Metamask and click “Add Token”, then “Custom Token”. Copy and paste our contract address and confirm.

YAY Contract:

Binance Smart Chain: 0x524df384bffb18c0c8f3f43d012011f8f9795579

Avalanche Network: 0x01C2086faCFD7aA38f69A6Bd8C91BEF3BB5adFCa

Are there any fees associated with using YAY Network?

Yes, YAY Network charges a nominal fee for transactions on our platform to cover operational costs and to maintain our high standards of security and service. The fees are set according to the tier. Check the tier system for this sale for more details.

About YAY Network

YAY Network is a leading investment syndicate composed of industry leaders, venture capitalists, developers and the advanced retail community.

The syndicate’s strategy is driven by a vision to lead the way in adopting crypto and blockchain technologies, facilitating a significant economic transformation while ensuring accessibility for all. Backed by a team of industry veterans and tech experts, we strategically invest in selected startups and provide guidance to talented teams, with the goal of nurturing future unicorns that tackle real-world issues.



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