YAY Network x Layer Zero (ZRO) Token Sale via the Official Broker Marsbase

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YAY Network x Layer Zero (ZRO) Token Sale via the Official Broker Marsbase

We are thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for our community to acquire Layer Zero (ZRO) tokens!

This is a golden opportunity that was made possible through our partnership with Marsbase, and will enable the YAY Network community to acquire ZRO before it hits the market. Moreover, users that acquire the ZRO token through our Investors’ Portal will be able to trade it before it arrives on the market on our very own OTC marketplace.

Layer Zero OTC Token Sale will start on January 26th at 14h UTC. In this blogpost, you’ll find all the relevant information pertaining to the sale.

How to Participate in the OTC Sale

To secure your allocation in this exclusive sale, you need to buy and stake YAY tokens. This will not only give you access to the ZRO token sale but will also integrate you into the thriving YAY Network community.

1- Acquire $YAY Token — You can purchase them via the BSC network through PCS and MEXC or on the Avalanche Network (Pangolin).

2- Stake YAY

3- The more you stake the higher the allocation

Opposite to our previous token sales, we will implement a tiered system. This means that depending on your desired allocation you will have to stake the correspondent minimum YAY Tokens.

Sale Tiers

Elite Tier — up to $10'000 alloc | 4 Million YAY Staked | 5% platform fee

Pro Tier — up to $5'000 alloc | 2 Million YAY Staked | 7% platform fee

Advanced Tier — up to $2'500 alloc | 1.2 Million YAY Staked | 9% platform fee

Freshman Tier — up to $1'000 alloc | 600’000 YAY Staked | 11% platform fee

Explorer Tier — up to $250 alloc | 200’000 YAY Staked | 12% platform fee

First Timer Tier — up to $100 alloc | 100’000 YAY staked | 13% platform fee

During the sale period, users have the option to upgrade their tier within the YAY Network’s tiered system by staking more YAY tokens. YAY Network will verify the staked amounts daily, allowing users to adjust their stakes. Once a user decides to increase their stake, their allocation in the corresponding tier is updated promptly, typically within 24 hours on working days.

Warning: Please do not stake on ZEUS. It is crucial that you avoid using the previous version of the launchpad, “ZEUS”, as it has been discontinued. Users can stake their $YAY on both Avalanche Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Sale Details:

Private Round Price: $3

FDV: $3 Billion

Vesting Schedule: 0% TGE, 1 year cliff, monthly linear vesting for 2 years

Soft Cap: $100’000

Hard Cap: $300’000

Sale start: January 26th 14h UTC

Sale Ends: TBA

Staking Link: https://stake.yay.network/

Sale link: https://invest.yay.network/

Sale Currency: USDT (Binance Smart-chain)

Listing Date: TBA

This exclusive opportunity to acquire Layer Zero (ZRO) tokens, in partnership with the official broker, Marsbase, is set to span a period of up to 10 days, commencing on January 26th at 14h UTC.

Sale Participants Will Get an Extra Airdrop

Layer Zero OTC token sale will be the first of its kind in YAY Network Investors’ Portal. Therefore, we want to celebrate such with our community. While we’re keeping the details under wraps for now, we can barely contain our excitement about what’s in store for those participating in the ZRO token sale.

Get ready for a shower of surprises, as we’re planning a series of airdrops throughout 2024 and 2025. It’s our way of saying a huge ‘thank you’ to our community for being part of this journey.

Stay tuned, because we promise it’s going to be extraordinary!

Why Layer Zero?

Layer Zero stands at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering unparalleled interoperability between disparate blockchain networks. Its innovative approach utilizes an “Ultra Light Node” and decentralized oracles, eliminating the need for intermediary chains. This ensures secure, efficient, and trustless cross-chain communication.

  • Seamless Interoperability: Layer Zero’s technology facilitates the transfer of assets and information across various blockchain platforms, resolving the long-standing challenge of network isolation.
  • Enhanced Security: Trustless transactions are a cornerstone of Layer Zero, with independent Oracle and Relayer services validating each transaction, fortifying against centralization risks.
  • Cross-Chain Functionality: Layer Zero enables cross-chain swaps, unified liquidity pools, and the creation of omnichain tokens and NFTs, expanding the possibilities within the DeFi space.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Being modular and scalable, Layer Zero is built to accommodate emerging blockchain networks, ensuring longevity and adaptability in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Holding ZRO tokens is an investment in the future of blockchain technology. As Layer Zero continues to expand its reach and capabilities, the potential for ZRO token will grow exponentially, with the brand already announcing that it will play a pivotal role in the ecosystem sustainability.

Flexibility At The Heart of The Investment

YAY Network users’ will be able to leverage this unique opportunity to acquire ZRO tokens before they become publicly available on the market.

This flexibility is further enhanced by the ability for users to trade their ZRO token allocations on the YAY Network’s own OTC Marketplace ahead of market launch. By enabling pre-market trading, YAY Network empowers its users with greater control and flexibility over their investments, setting a new standard for token sales and community engagement in the crypto world.

About YAY Network

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