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Fuel Network Round 2 OTC Sale

We’re excited to share the second chance for our community to participate in the FUEL Network OTC sale.

We’ve successfully secured an additional FUEL allocation, offering our users another opportunity to invest in FUEL before its official market launch. Participants who purchase FUEL allocation via our Investors’ Portal will have the advantage of trading it on our exclusive OTC marketplace prior to the listing.

The FUEL Network OTC Token Sale is now active, with the window for investment open until Friday, 16th of February at 14:00 UTC. This initiative underlines our commitment to providing our community with exclusive access to promising investment opportunities.

How to Participate in the OTC Sale

To secure your allocation in this exclusive sale, you need to buy and stake YAY tokens. This will not only give you access to the FUEL token sale but will also integrate you into the thriving YAY Network community.

1- Buy $YAY Token — You can purchase them via the BSC network through PCS and MEXC or on the Avalanche Network (Pangolin).

2- Stake YAY

3- The more you stake the higher the allocation

Sale Tiers

Elite Tier — up to $15'000 alloc | 3 Million YAY Staked | 5% platform fee

Pro Tier — up to $7'500 alloc | 1.5 Million YAY Staked | 7% platform fee

Advanced Tier — up to $3'500 alloc | 800’000 YAY Staked | 9% platform fee

Freshman Tier — up to $1'750 alloc | 400’000 YAY Staked | 11% platform fee

Explorer Tier — up to $500 alloc | 200’000 YAY Staked | 12% platform fee

First Timer Tier — up to $200 alloc | 100’000 YAY staked | 13% platform fee

During the sale period, users have the option to upgrade their tier within the YAY Network’s tiered system by staking more YAY tokens. YAY Network will verify the staked amounts daily, allowing users to adjust their stakes or enter the sale. Once a user decides to increase their stake, their allocation in the corresponding tier is updated promptly, typically within 24 hours on working days.

Sale Details:

Round Price: $6

FDV: $600 million

Vesting Schedule: Allocation from Seed Round. Current information is that it is fully vested, but this is subject to changes by Fuel team

Soft Cap: $100’000

Hard Cap: $500’000

Sale start: February 13th

Sale Ends: February 16th at 14:00 UTC

Staking Link: https://stake.yay.network/

Sale link: https://invest.yay.network/

Sale Currency: USDT (Binance Smart-chain)

Listing Date: TBA

Why Acquire FUEL?

Fuel Network names itself the world’s fastest modular execution layer, delivering maximum security and the highest flexible throughput. Identifying that blockchains are moving away from the initial monolithic design, Fuel introduces the fastest execution layer for modular blockchains stack. This shift allows for increased bandwidth capacity and specialization at the base layer, propelling Fuel Network as the fastest execution layer for modular blockchain stacks​​​​.

Key highlights of Fuel Network:

  • Parallel Transaction Execution: Fuel Network stands out with its ability to execute transactions in parallel, utilizing UTXO-style state access lists. This design enables the network to leverage more CPU threads and cores, vastly improving compute, state access, and transaction throughput compared to its single-threaded counterparts​​​​​​.
  • Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM): The FuelVM is a cornerstone of the network’s efficiency, designed to overcome the limitations of traditional blockchain VM architectures. FuelVM is tailored to optimize processing and offers developers a wider range of design possibilities, surpassing the constraints of the Ethereum VM (EVM)​​​​.
  • Sway Language and Forc Toolchain: Fuel Network enhances the developer experience with its domain-specific language, Sway, based on Rust, and the supportive toolchain, Forc. This environment integrates the advantages of Solidity’s smart contract languages with the paradigms of Rust, providing a powerful and sleek developer experience​​​​.

Prioritizing maximum security and flexible throughput, Fuel Network addresses the scalability crisis on Ethereum by introducing a modular framework that separates execution from other layers, ensuring high performance even during peak traffic periods​​​​.

Backed by investors such as the Blockchain Capital, The Spartan Group, CoinFund, Fenbushi Capital, Origin Capital, Stratos Technologies, among others, Fuel Network is set to have a huge impact in the future of the industry!

Trade Your Allocations with Ease

YAY Network is offering its users a prime chance to get their hands on FUEL tokens before they hit the public market. This opportunity is further enhanced by the unique feature allowing users to trade their FUEL tokens allocations within YAY Network’s in-house OTC Marketplace, even before the tokens are launched on the market.

YAY Network’s approach of facilitating pre-market trading bestows upon its users an elevated level of control and adaptability over their investments. This move positions YAY Network as a pioneer in redefining the norms of token sales and community involvement in the cryptocurrency sphere.

About YAY Network

YAY Network is the thriving ecosystem specifically designed for ambitious entrepreneurs, set to revolutionize the world of fundraising and community building. Our goal is to empower innovators by delivering a comprehensive, risk-free, and accessible launchpad experience, coupled with a cutting-edge marketing and advisory suite.

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