YAY Network Tiers Update: Introducing Our New Investment Tiers

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4 min readDec 16, 2023
YAY Network New Investment Tiers

Are you ready to elevate your investment game with YAY Network?

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to our tier system. The new updated tiered system goal is to drive more utility to our YAY token, and also to introduce a gamified structure to our sales.

By introducing a tiered system on our allocations we expect to see users competing for spots, thus staking more YAY Tokens. With this new system we also expect to reward our most loyal community members, saving them a guaranteed spot in each sale we host.

Here’s a breakdown of YAY Network new tier system:

YAY Network new Tiers

The updated staking leaderboard is designed to rank users based on the quantity of YAY tokens they have staked. This ranking directly influences sale allocations: the higher your position on the sale leaderboard, the greater your allocation.

To be eligible for any sale, a minimum of 250K YAY tokens must be staked. Beyond this threshold, it becomes a competitive race for securing the largest allocation sizes. Only the top 80% of the eligible participants will have guaranteed allocation in the deal. Users that are eligible to participate on the sale, but don’t rank among the top 80%, will have their chance to participate on the sale, if a FCFS round opens.

It’s important to note that the tier attribution will be done per sale, so the percentages will always be applied on the eligible wallets participating in the sale. The allocation size for each tier is dynamically determined at the end of the demonstration of interest period, so we always encompass 80% of the eligible participants.

Under this system, Elite members will receive an allocation that is four times greater than that of Freshman members. Pro members will enjoy an allocation size three times larger than Freshman members, while Advanced members will have an allocation size that is twice as large as that of Freshman members.

Individual allocation sizes are directly influenced by the tier in which a member’s staking amount falls. For example, those among the top 10% stakers participating in a sale will receive the maximum possible allocation. All other participants will be ranked and allocated accordingly, based on their staked amount. This tiered system rewards commitment to the protocol while maintaining equitable access for all members.

These limits are designed to maintain fairness across all levels of participation, ensuring that each tier is allocated funds proportionate to its level. We would also like to highlight that we may see fit to change tiers in some sales. Whenever we do it, we will fairly warn everyone.

Despite our commitment to inclusivity in each sale, there will be cases, often driven by client requests, where we need to limit the number of participants. In such cases, participation will be determined based on the amount of YAY staked, with a fixed number of users allowed to participate. This ensures that even in more exclusive sales, the allocation process remains transparent and merit-based, rooted in the core principle of rewarding those who are most invested in the YAY Network.

Final Remarks

As we unveil the new YAY Network tiered system, our core objective is twofold: rewarding our most dedicated and loyal users while also creating opportunities for wider participation in our upcoming sales.

Even though we carefully studied and simulated several outcomes of this ranking system we do reserve the right to undergo any changes we may deem necessary to maintain the inclusivity of our protocol

Looking ahead to 2024, we are filled with anticipation and excitement. This year promises to be a landmark for YAY Network, as we have a plethora of surprises in the pipeline. We believe that these changes will not only enhance the experience for our current members but will also attract new users who are eager to be part of a dynamic and rewarding investment community.

We invite each one of you, whether you’re a long-standing member or a newcomer, to embrace these changes and join us in this exciting journey. Together, we will make 2024 a phenomenal year for YAY Network, filled with opportunities, growth, and shared success. Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to evolve and enhance your investment experience with us!

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