YAY Network: Reflections on 100% Successful Investment Strategy Volume 1

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3 min readMay 6, 2024


Welcome to our latest blog post! As the market meanders sideways, it’s an opportune moment to pause and reflect on our investment approaches and deals history. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s delve into some key insights together. ☕

When it comes to investments and fundraising, due diligence has always been our top priority. Over the past year, we meticulously analyzed hundreds of projects, and only few of them met our rigorous standards. Here is the overview of our recent investment history.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). In early 2023 we put a bet on AI and made strategic investments in ChainGPT, HyperGPT, and GT Protocol. Each of these projects yielded impressive returns, but what is more important, found and solidified its sustainable growth model.

Real-world assets (RWA). Real-world assets (RWA) present a nascent yet promising trend, offering tangible use cases beyond the realm of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Recently, Securitize has closed a $47 million funding round led by the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock, which underscores this potential. Among our RWA investments, Truflation stands out with its robust team, proven business model, and backing from industry giants like Coinbase and Chainlink. We congratulate the team on the successful launch!

Over-the-Counter deals (OTC). Some of our investments are yet to play out. We secured some less risky top-rank deals through OTC, providing our community with an option to diversify their portfolio. OTC deals are represented by investments in LayerZero and Fuel Network, potential leaders in their sectors.

New narratives. We encourage our most loyal community members with additional opportunities. Our top stakers had exclusive access to seed and private rounds in Blast ecosystem startups and emerging L2 and Runes projects on BTC. We believe BTC L2 and Runes represent experimental yet promising narratives.

The crypto landscape is witnessing an influx of interest, fueled by memes and innovative narratives. Projects need to focus on seamless onboarding experiences to capitalize on this growing audience. We encourage you to pay attention to GameFi, SocialFi, and Telegram mini-apps sector.

GameFI. In the earlier cycle, P2E games were quite basic and appealed more to farmers rather than gamers. However, now we are witnessing exciting projects such as Shrapnel, Heroes of Mavia, and DuskBreakers, which signal a promising future for GameFi. Infrastructure initiatives by Tilted Store further enrich the gaming ecosystem.

SocialFi. SocialFi holds immense potential, with projects like Friendtech and Farcaster garnering industry support. Noteworthy projects like DistrictOne are also gaining traction, hinting at a vibrant future for social finance.

Telegram (TON). Telegram is gaining market share with over 800M monthly active users (MAU), the introduction of USDT on TON, and recent investments from Pantera Capital. TON solidifies its place in top-10 CoinMarketCap, and Pavel Durov becomes a public figure, representing TON at the largest crypto conferences. Notcoin pointed out the potential for Telegram mini-apps. Now there are new ambitious projects such as Blum. We are currently exploring this sector and might soon bring exciting news to our community.

P.S. Ethereum. Last but not least, we shouldn’t overlook the Ethereum ecosystem. While Solana has captured attention away from Ethereum, innovations within the ecosystem are striving. zkSync can potentially be a trigger for ETH to catch up and outperform the market. We also anticipate LayerZero to gain momentum and offer a solution to the fragmented TVL on ETH Layer 2.

In conclusion, our investment strategy remains anchored in rigorous due diligence and a forward-thinking approach to emerging trends. By staying informed and adaptive, we aim to navigate the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency investments, delivering value to our community.

As we navigate through these narratives, we invite your insights. Which narratives do you anticipate will outperform? What projects excite you the most? Share your thoughts with us as we continue this journey together.



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