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3 min readJan 19, 2024

We’re proud to bring an extraordinary opportunity to our community: YAY Network’s first-ever blue chip token sale. This isn’t just a one-off event; it marks the beginning of a series of high-quality Over-The-Counter (OTC) deals that we’ll be offering to our users on YAY Network investors’ portal.

Our commitment is to continually present you with premier opportunities in the space so you can always be one-step ahead of the market.

The Essence of OTC Deals in Crypto Trading

Let’s delve straight into what OTC deals are and why they’re significant. OTC, or Over-The-Counter, deals are transactions conducted outside conventional or decentralized exchanges. Within our ecosystem, OTC deals have been a key playbook for high net worth individuals, we are proud to bring this type of deals to our users!

Direct Transactions: OTC deals occur directly between two parties, usually facilitated by brokers. This direct approach bypasses traditional exchange mechanisms.

Benefits of OTC Trading:

  • Privacy and Discretion: OTC deals happen outside the market boundaries, giving to its participants more privacy and discretion while trading their assets.
  • Price Stability: OTC trading mitigates the significant price fluctuations, specially with large scale trades.
  • Liquidity for Investments: Users can trade their allocations even when the token is not trading or is under the cliff period.

YAY Network’s OTC Strategy: Bringing More to Our Community

We’re leveraging our network of brokers to bring you these exclusive OTC deals. This strategy allows us to secure allocations in blue chip protocols before they are available on the open market. It’s a game-changer for our community, offering early access to some of the most anticipated tokens in the crypto world.

By partaking in these OTC deals through YAY Network, our users get the chance to invest in tokens with strong potential right from their inception. It’s not just about being first; it’s about being smart in your investment choices.

Immediate Trading and Future Prospects

Users who acquire tokens through our OTC deals can trade them immediately on our OTC Marketplace. Thus users can trade their allocations even during vesting periods. This feature is a testament to our commitment to providing a seamless and dynamic trading experience.

As we move forward, stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming Blue Chip token sale. We’re just getting started, and the future holds many more such opportunities. YAY Network is here to ensure that our community is always at the forefront of the most exciting and rewarding crypto investments.

Join us on this journey and be part of a community that’s not just following the crypto trends, but setting them. Your future in the crypto world starts here, with YAY Network’s innovative OTC deals.

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