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3 min readNov 6, 2023


Y Club Campaign

Hello YAY Network Community,

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a special celebratory campaign in honor of the Y Club! If you don’t know what we are talking about, you’ve no idea what your’re missing!

Find all relevant information about the Y Club here. As a sneak peek:

👉 Exclusive Team Insights

👉 Unique Offers

👉 Networking

👉 Syndicate Investments

👉 Alpha Sessions

👉 Early access to the sales

In 2023 alone, any of our Y Club members received up to 10k extra allocations for Chain GPT and Patex private sale offerings, and so much more! Can you imagine their ROI? 🤯

Now let’s celebrate it together with our 2-Level Celebratory Campaign, designed to bring more awareness to the Y Club and provide exciting opportunities, for both existing and new members, to be part of this exceptional journey!

Earn free allocations, and save your spot among the top members of our community with the Y Club Celebratory campaign. Participate by referring friends or by proving your worth on social media!

Referral Code Campaign — Invite your friends!

We believe in the power of community, and what better way to grow our community than by inviting your friends to join the YAY Network? With our Referral Code campaign, you can invite others to acquire and stake YAY tokens, and in return, enjoy exclusive rewards.

Rules and Rewards:

- Referred users must have acquire and staked their YAY tokens after November 1st.

- Referred users must submit inviters Telegram handle via the Zealy taskhttps://zealy.io/c/yaynetwork/questboard

- To be valid, referred users must have a combined total of 3.5M YAY Staked per inviter.

- The campaign will run until December 31st.

- Top inviter will gain access to the Y Club, even if they themselves don’t have 3.5M YAY Staked.

- Top inviter will also win $250 in the next token sale.

Community Giveaway

At YAY Network, every member is valued, and we want to celebrate each and every one of you. As part of our end-of-year campaign, we are introducing a Community Giveaway for all members participating in our Zealy Sprint until the end of the year. Rewards:

- Top 5 members will earn $100 on the next sale.

- Top 6 to top 25 members will earn $50 on the next sale.

The Y Club is more than just a members’ club; it’s a community of visionaries, enthusiasts, and contributors who believe in the future of YAY Network.

Through this celebratory campaign, we aim to bring more awareness to the Y Club, reward our existing members, and welcome new members into our community.

Join us in celebrating YAY Network community and the Y Club! Let’s continue to build, connect, and thrive together on the YAY Network!

Visit YAY Network New Launchpad now: https://invest.yay.network/

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