Virtual Versions x YAY Network Private Round details: Stake and get your Allocation.

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Guarantee your whitelist allocation for the private sale before the Snapshot on August 11th, at 12 UTC.

Virtual Versions Private Sale on YAY Network details

We are excited to announce that we have secured an allocation for the YAY Network community in the highly anticipated Virtual Versions Private sale.

In this blog post, we aim to provide you with all the essential information about the sale. You can expect to find information on the whitelisting mechanism, insights into the Virtual Versions project, tokenomics, important links and a guide on how to navigate the sale.

Virtual Versions: Overview

Virtual Versions is revolutionizing social media with its unique 3D biometrically backed AI avatars. Their state-of-the-art technology lets users craft a digital twin, a customizable and distinctive representation of themselves.

On the Virtual Versions platform, interaction takes on a new dimension. Engage with other avatars through virtual events, animated posts, games, and more. Plus, with their In-App NFT marketplace, creativity knows no bounds.

Most importantly, Virtual Versions believes in digital freedom. The platform is decentralized, ensuring users have full control over their digital identity. Share, interact, and even monetize on your terms. With Virtual Versions, your digital space is truly yours.

Comprehensive Ecosystem with ready-to-use instant utility;

Major Brands Partnerships with over 40+ partners;

Web2 & Web3 Bridge with Avatars acting as the central hub for digital identity;

Hyper-realistic Avatars;

Freemium Model;

Innovative revenue strategy encompassing membership subscription, B2B avatar kit licensing, self-service ads, in-app monetization, virtual experiences, wearables & game assets, and brand collaborations.

Virtual Versions also features an experienced team in the entrepreneurship world. Harrison Gwinnett, the Founder & CEO, exited his first ‘data focused’ business for $15M aged just 22, and Archie Baker, Virtual Versions CCO, collaborated with major brands like Adidas, Gymshark, Stella McCartney, Reebok, Sidemen, House Of CB & more.

Virtual Versions IDO will be on DAO Maker, one of the largest and most respectable launchpads in the ecosystem.

Important Links: For the latest scoop on Virtual Versions and its IDO, don’t forget to tune into their official channels: Twitter, Telegram, Tokenmetrics, and Documents.

Virtual Versions Sale — How to guarantee your allocation:

Want a sure spot on the Virtual Versions Private sale via YAY Network Launchpad? Here’s how:

1- Acquire $YAY Token. You can purchase them via the BSC network through PCS and MEXC or on the Avalanche Network (Pangolin).

2- Stake at least 100’000 $YAY (approx. 67$ at the time of writing)

3- Once you stake, apply for the sale through form.

Higher allocations will be granted to those staking more $YAY tokens. All users that stake at least 100'000 $YAY will automatically be whitelisted for the Virtual Versions sale and all upcoming sales. The highest allocation is $2'500 per user and the minimum is $100. In order to receive a guaranteed allocation you should complete the aforementioned criteria before snapshot on August 11th at 12 UTC.

Please note that the unfulfillment of both steps 2 and 3 will lead to the disqualification of the whitelist process.

We also invite users to try their luck for one of the 20 WL allocation spots worth $100 allocation size through the live community whitelist competition — please note that by participating on the competition, you don’t guarantee an allocation

The final Snapshot of both campaigns will be taken 26 hours before the sale in order to determine the whitelisted users for guaranteed allocations — August 11th at 12 UTC.

Keep in mind that if you acquire $YAY in MEXC, you will need to transfer your tokens to MetaMask and submit your MetaMask address for whitelisting.

Warning: Please do not stake on ZEUS. It is crucial that you avoid using the previous version of the launchpad, “ZEUS”, as it has been discontinued. Users can stake their $YAY on both Avalanche Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Tier System for Staked $YAY only

1- $2500 allo = 2.5M YAY staked

2- $1000 allo = 1M YAY staked

3- $500 allo = 500k YAY staked

4- $250 allo = 250k YAY staked

5- $100 allo = 100k YAY staked

Sale Details:

Total Raise on YAY: Up to 50,000$

Private Round Price: $0,006

Vesting Schedule: 8% unlock at TGE, 3 Months Cliff after TGE + 9 months linear vesting

Sale start: 12th August 2 PM UTC

Sale Ends: 14th August 8PM UTC

Staking Link:

Sale link:

Sale Currency: USDT (Binance Smart-chain)

Listing Date: 22nd August

In case the total interest exceeds the total allocation available the allocations will be distributed from the largest stakers to the smallest ones following the tier system.

For any unsold tokens there will be a FCFS round for the WL users, which will last for 6 Hours.

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