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4 min readNov 3, 2023
The Y Club

Are you ready to take your YAY journey to the next level?

At YAY Network, it’s all about community. While we value and cherish every member, we’ve carved out an exclusive space for our most loyal contributors and enthusiasts: the Y Club.

Y Club isn’t just a group; it’s a testament to dedication, contribution, and the shared vision of our community’s future.

If you’re eager to make the most of your YAY Network involvement, here’s why the Y Club isn’t just another achievement, but a pursuit worth every ounce of your effort!

Exclusive Team Insights — Beyond Just Information

Venture beyond the surface with firsthand insights from our seasoned team, enriched by their vast networks and experience. It’s not just about knowing; it’s about understanding the bedrock of decisions that shape our ever-evolving community.

Unique Offers Just for You

Some opportunities are so distinct, they can only be shared within select circles. Being a Y Club member means you’re always in the loop, ensuring you never miss out on these specially crafted offers.

Networking — Beyond Just Connections

More than a status, the Y Club is a gathering of the influential and visionary. Connect, collaborate, and perhaps even spark the inception of the next big venture. Some of our members have already joined forces to create their own businesses. Are you ready to jump into new possibilities?

Syndicate Investments — An Elevated Experience

Dive deeper with our Prestige syndicate, where opportunities, in sync with our ethos and future visions, are revealed. It’s an intimate space where selected offers are presented, offers that may remain concealed from the broader public.

Alpha Knowledge Group — Learn & Network

By stepping into the Y Club, you become part of an exclusive enclave where education, networking, and investment savvy seamlessly converge. Engage with seasoned market veterans and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a professional investor with the Y Club!

Early Access and Influence over Sales

Imagine having the power to shape our direction while also ensuring you get the best. As a Y Club member, enjoy the privilege of early access, guaranteed allocations, and even have a say in determining what makes it to our launchpad. Your voice, combined with guaranteed larger size allocations, ensures your influence is felt and valued.

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2023 in review:

Looking back on the last year, here’s a snapshot of the special moments our Y Club members have been part of. Imagine what the future might hold:

  • Amplified Allocations: Members had the exclusive privilege of receiving up to 10k extra allocations for Chain GPT and Patex private sale offerings, accentuating the tangible benefits and rewards of being part of this exclusive circle;
  • Global Expertise at your Fingertips: The world of finance is vast and constantly evolving. Our members were privy to deep market insights from top-tier experts spanning the globe, enriching their knowledge base and investment strategies;
  • Entry into the YAY Syndicate: A select few members unlocked the gates to our elite syndicate, a space where we synergize with top-tier VCs to invest in equity deals of highly promising startups. Investing alongside with esteemed names like Sequoia, a16z, Coinbase Ventures, and Binance Ventures, we’ve made significant strides in investments.

How does one join the Y Club ranks?

While owning the YAY Token is key, we believe in rewarding commitment. To ascend to the Y Club echelon, you need to be more than just a member; you need to be an invaluable pillar of our community, standing tall and firm with us through our journey.

However, spots are limited, and we will only allow a few select members to join quarterly. Securing a spot within the highest tier of YAY Network community ain’t an easy task.

We require that you have a minimum of 3.5 million YAY tokens staked Eligibility not only hinges on meeting the staking prerequisite but also on successfully navigating a one-on-one interview and signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Visit YAY Network New Launchpad now: https://invest.yay.network/

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