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2 min readJan 9, 2024
Truflation PSO Details

We are excited for the next Private Sale Offering (PSO) coming to the YAY Network Investors’ Portal: Truflation!

Truflation is the definitive reference point for RWA, indexes and inflation. Poised to shake the industry, Truflation is one of the promissing TGEs in the horizon. Participate on Truflation private sale offering (PSO) on YAY Network Investors’ Portal!

How to secure your allocation:

Want a sure spot on the truflation Private sale via YAY Network? Here’s how:

1- Acquire $YAY Token — You can purchase them via the BSC network through PCS and MEXC or on the Avalanche Network (Pangolin).

2- Stake at least 250’000 $YAY (approx. 500$ at the time of writing)

3- Once you stake, apply for the sale through registration form.

Registration for sale will be open until Sunday 14th at 16h UTC, 24 hours before the sale starts.

It will follow a ranking system, which means that the more you stake the higher the chances you have to get your desired allocation. You can verify our allocation tiers on this blogpost here.

The base stake is 250,000 $YAY, but this might not suffice. Participants will be arranged based on the amount they’ve staked. Any newcomer staking more than existing participants will earn a position on the leaderboard, subsequently moving others with lower stakes down a spot.

Warning: Please do not stake on ZEUS. It is crucial that you avoid using the previous version of the launchpad, “ZEUS”, as it has been discontinued. Users can stake their $YAY on both Avalanche Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Sale Details:

Private Round Price: $0.4

FDV: $40 million

Vesting Schedule: 5% release at TGE then 24 months linear vesting

Sale start: 15th January

Sale Ends: 18th January

Staking Link:

Sale link:

Sale Currency: USDT (Binance Smart-chain)

Listing Date: TBA

For any unsold tokens there will be a FCFS round open to everyone with over 250'000 YAY tokens staked.

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