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3 min readMar 22, 2022

We got another epic game on our IGO list. Today we’d like to highlight quite an ambitious NFT card game Samurai Legends and share the details of the upcoming IGO that will take place on 25th March. Be sure not to miss it!

As usual, users will be able to take part in IGO by staking their YAY tokens within our platform. Stay tuned not to miss any future updates and if you want to discover the game more deeply and plunge into the epoch of feudal Japan, make sure to follow Samurai Legends’ socials:

About Samurai Legends

Samurai Legends is a samurai-themed NFT open-world GameFi Metaverse. In game players can engage into PvP battles, build, choose strategies and dive into politics to survive and flourish. The player’s main goal is to become Shogun and gain ultimate control over the rules and economy of the game world.

The game features two main activities: players can fight each other in an NFT card game or govern your own piece of land, raise and develop its power, eventually to become feudal lord. The game comprised the following aspect:

  • Gameplay: you can recruit warriors to become a stronger samurai. Collect and assemble an army of unique warriors or amass scarce lands. Progress along different skill tree paths and rise in noble rank.
  • Trade: Gain wealth off the battlefield by trading valuable digital assets.
  • Ascend: Master the arts of war, diplomacy and trade. Construct a variety of buildings. Gather enough strength to rule the samurai verse.

In Samurai Legends, your Battle Card NFT is the heart of the game. It provides utility and value to the ecosystem. Your Battle Cards fight against another player’s deck, or a bot, to be able to earn $INF. The samurai cards can be used in the Samurai Legends play-to-earn trading card game. Every battle card is unique and varies in both rarity and strength.

Samurai Legends tokens

The project possesses two types of tokens, that serve different purposes.

$SMG is the ecosystem’s primary token. These tokens will be used for every out-of-game utility, including the NFT marketplace currency and representation in governance votes. Some $SMG tokens are set aside to provide staking rewards, sustain the play-to-earn mechanics, and fund a treasury for community initiatives.

The $KOKU token will serve as the primary in-game currency. Generated from farms on lands. $KOKU can be used as a currency to trade for other items or hire certain units. Through taxes, a good Daimyo will fund a Rice Trader in the Province Capitol to allow players to trade in products and resources for their $KOKU equivalent. A new player can earn $KOKU through completing certain quests or fulfilling bounties.

Team behind the Samurai Legends

The project’s team consists of industry experts with a huge experience in blockchain games development. They have a deep background in game development, graphic design, mechanical engineering and crypto marketing. Moreover, some of them worked on Amazon projects.

About the Sale

Users can join Samurai Legends IGO on ZEUS via two pools, Heroes and Muses. The total raised for the IGO will be $50,000. To join the sale, you need to stake your $YAY tokens through this link.

A snapshot will be taken two hours before the sale. When the sale starts, users can buy their allocation with $BNB.

🗓 Date: March 25th, 2 PM UTC

✨ Allocation size: $50,000

✨ Price per token: $0.06

✨ Vesting: 2 months

Heroes Pool: 100 Places

Tier 1: 25 Places 600$ per member

Tier 2: 25 Places 500$ per member

Tier 3: 25 Places 400$ per member

Tier 4: 25 Places 300$ per member

Muses Pool: 50 Places

100$ per member

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