Patex x YAY Network Private Sale Offering Details

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Patex Private Sale Offering Details

We are excited to announce that we have secured an allocation for the YAY Network community in the highly anticipated Patex Private sale.

In this blog post, we aim to provide you with all the essential information about the sale. You can expect to find information on the whitelisting mechanism, insights into the Patex project, tokenomics, important links and a guide on how to navigate the sale.

Patex: Overview

Patex is a pioneering blockchain ecosystem targeting Latin America, a region boasting over 670 million people and a GDP of $5.5 trillion. Developed by LATAM’s first web3 company, C-Patex, it offers immediate access to a 3.8 million user base and has a proven track record since 2014.

The ecosystem encompasses the Patex Network, a Layer 2 blockchain that facilitates issuing and tracking of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and other cryptocurrencies; a centralized exchange that provides regulation, management, and launch capabilities for CBDCs and cryptocurrencies; and the Patex Campus, an educational hub for Web3.

The network stands out as the first to reward growth, with a unique system where each onboarded wallet can reference another, allowing the latter to earn from the former’s gas payments. This innovative approach aligns community support with monetary incentives. The $PATEX token powers the network, serving as gas, node collateral, and offering discounts on C-Patex and CBDC minting fees, all with a low FDV of 8 million.

User engagement is robust, with 106k registered wallets, 26k active ones, and the C-Patex Exchange seeing 30k daily users and 70k monthly users. The project has garnered significant attention, securing listings on Tier 1 launchpads like DAO Maker and exchanges such as Kucoin. Additionally, a major Brazilian fund with $1.3B in assets under management recently invested $10M for a 10% stake, catapulting Patex’s valuation to $100M. The team behind PATEX is led by CEO Ricardo Da Ros, formerly of Binance &, and includes veterans from major companies like Google, Uber, and major banks.

Social media Links: For the latest scoop on Patex and its IDO, don’t forget to tune into their official channels: Twitter, English Telegram Channel, English Telegram Chat, Spanish Telegram Chat, Portuguese Telegram Chat, CIS Telegram Chat.

Live Patex Apps: C-Patex Exchange, Patex wallet — Google Play & App Store.

Patex — First Blockchain Ecosystem in Latin America

Patex Sale — How to guarantee your allocation:

Want a sure spot on the Patex Private sale via YAY Network Launchpad? Here’s how:

1- Acquire $YAY Token — You can purchase them via the BSC network through PCS and MEXC or on the Avalanche Network (Pangolin).

2- Stake at least 100’000 $YAY (approx. 67$ at the time of writing)

3- Once you stake, apply for the sale through registration form.

The sale will follow a ranking system, which means that the more you stake the higher the chances you have to get your desired allocation.

Ranking System:

Top 6 → $2'500 Allocation

Spots 7–12 → $1'000 Allocation

Spots 13–21 → $500 Allocation

Spots 22–34 → $250 Allocation

Spots 35–44 → $100 Allocation

The base stake is 100,000 $YAY, but this might not suffice. Participants will be arranged based on the amount they’ve staked. Any newcomer staking more than existing participants will earn a position on the leaderboard, subsequently moving others with lower stakes down a spot.

Warning: Please do not stake on ZEUS. It is crucial that you avoid using the previous version of the launchpad, “ZEUS”, as it has been discontinued. Users can stake their $YAY on both Avalanche Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Sale Details:

Total Raise on YAY: TBA

Private Round Price: $0.9

Vesting Schedule: 7% release at TGE, 1 month cliff, 24 months of linear vesting

Sale start: August 17th

Sale Ends: August 18th

Staking Link:

Sale link: TBA

Sale Currency: USDT (Binance Smart-chain)

Listing Date: TBA

For any unsold tokens there will be a FCFS round open to public, which will last for 10 minutes.

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