MarsBase: a deep-dive into our new strategic investment

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5 min readMay 18, 2024


We are thrilled to introduce our latest investment in MarsBase. In this blog post, we will offer an analysis on MarsBase and how they change the game for illiquid investments, offering a streamlined and compliant tokenization process.

What is MarsBase?

MarsBase is an AI-driven infrastructure designed for the tokenization, listing, trading, and exiting of illiquid, locked assets and real-world assets (RWAs). The MarsBase provides an all-in-one interface to tokenize, list, and generate liquidity for various RWAs and tokenized illiquid deals on-chain, bridging the gap between and DeFi, unlocking more than $1 trillion in illiquid assets.

MarsBase democratizes access to previously inaccessible large illiquid markets for retail investors, allowing them to trade in all illiquid markets of Web3, such as SAFT/SAFE, RWA, indices, venture portfolios and strategies, commodities, and other assets.

Thanks to MarsBase, our syndicate has already acquired allocations in tier-1 projects, including LayerZero and Fuel Network. However, OTC market is just a part of the large MarsBase ecosystem, and soon YAY Network investors will be able to access all benefits of the platform.

Why MarsBase?

Product Market Fit

Real-world assets (RWA) is one of the leading narratives in crypto, yet there is a lack of infrastructure solutions that provide easy-to-use solutions. MarsBase aims to provide a single access point to convert assets, i.e. Real Estate, Private Equity, Token Allocations, into tokens, easily list them, fundraise and trade tokenized assets on the secondary market. By supporting the project, we expect MarsBase to be a leader in the upcoming RWA ecosystem.

Here is a more extensive list of product features:

  1. Connecting B2B with Liquidity Providers: Enables rapid execution and high-yield opportunities, providing Financing and Loans, Institutional-Grade Investment Platform and Interest from Lending & Borrowing
  2. Facilitating Investor Access to Top-Tier Assets: investing in tokenized SAFE and SAFT agreements, and M&A opportunities. Powered by simple access with stablecoins
  3. Collateralized Loans and Credits: providing loans and credits using tokenized RWA collateral from Web2 and Web3 companies
  4. Tokenized Investment opportunities: MarsBase tokenized Pools is the heart of the platform that allows to earn interest and yield from each pool by staking MBase tokens
  5. Next-Generation Launchpad and trading tools: Supporting fundraising for top Web3 projects, RWA projects, and attracting liquidity to DAOs, syndicates, and VC’s through direct token offerings
  6. An exchange especially for RWA Trading: enabling seamless trading of tokenized Real World Assets, providing liquidity and accessibility to previously illiquid markets.


  • Listed 70+ Tier-1 & 2 project allocations, such as LayerZero, Fuel, Scroll and more;
  • $1.2bn+ illiquid deals placed;
  • Aggregate more than 600+ Top-tier deals, including M&A, Fundraising and RWA;
  • 1100 b2b2c private market members (VC’s, HNWI, DAO’s, Family funds, Syndicates etc.);
  • Executed 80+ deals for $ 50m+ turnover;
  • 55 trusted brokers and partners;
  • 12 fractional tokenized deals completed with $4M turnover;
  • $1M + total profit;
  • 28 tokenized deals listed.


The tokenomics of MarsBase is carefully planned and include various mechanisms to minimize token volatility. Here are some of the key features:

  1. Deflationary Mechanism: the buyback mechanism, based on the platform revenue and token usage, is designed to exponentially reduce monthly cumulative emissions, making the token deflationary and sustaining its value.
  2. Increasing Liquidity: 50% of total buybacks are allocated to enhance liquidity, with 25% going to pools and 25% as LP rewards.
  3. Gradual and phased vesting: MarsBase Supply Shock metric, which indicates sudden token influxes, begins at month one and gradually decreases to 6% by the 12th month to ensure stability and predictability. Basically, Monthly inflation is planned to average below 6% by the second year, preserving token value.

Token utility

MBase is a gateway to a world of opportunities within the MarsBase ecosystem. We would like to highlight some of the key features:

Fee Payments:

  • Use MBase tokens for hassle-free expensive, illiquid deals fees.

E-commerce Mechanics:

  • Achieve seamless integration to highlight deals, accelerate execution, unlock new deal levels, and enhance user engagement.

Staking — Access to Exclusive opportunities:

  • Stake MBase tokens to unlock private markets, exclusive deals, private tokenized pools, and community features.
  • Increase the available allocation size to participate in Mars pools.

Collateral Usage:

  • Your MBase tokens and LP tokens serve as valuable collateral for a range of platform products, such as deposits, guarantees, loans, and accelerated deal executions.

Stake Tokens or tokenized SAFT to Receive Dividends

  • Receive a portion of revenue sharing, consisting of up to 10% from revenue streams.
  • Increase referral levels for the deals.

Validating, Governance and Voting:

  • Vote on OTC or RWA deals and other events, share your opinions about deals, and actively participate in governance decisions through the MarsBase DAO.

And the cherry on top

The MBase token will be backed by tokenized shares and warrants of top-tier web3 companies and strong businesses from MarsBase will hold some of the tokenized SPV shares as collateral to back MBase, similar to stablecoins backed by government bonds, Ethereum, or other assets. The aim is to secure 50% of its future value within 36 months.

Embracing the Future with MarsBase

By investing in MarsBase, YAY Network continues to lead the change in adopting and promoting innovative blockchain technologies, further cementing our position as a pioneer in the web3 market.

We encourage our community to explore this opportunity and consider the strategic advantages that MarsBase brings to our growing portfolio. Thanks to its advanced AI capabilities and robust infrastructure, MarsBase enables efficient, compliant, and secure transactions for a wide range of assets.

Remember, as always, to perform your own research and make informed decisions. Stay tuned for more insights and investment opportunities, and for more information on MarsBase visit their official website and follow them on Twitter (X).

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