Lumoz: a deep-dive into our new strategic investment

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5 min readJun 26, 2024


We are thrilled to introduce our latest investment in Lumoz via node sale. In this blog post, we will offer an analysis on Lumoz and how they are changing the game for the Zero-Knowledge field, offering a Modular Compute Layer & Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) Platform.

What is Lumoz?

Lumoz Network is a global modular computing network offering advanced Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) services, supporting Rollup networks, and providing computational power for technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Lumoz Network is committed to making zero-knowledge computation more efficient and accessible, providing an open and fair DePIN computing platform for users worldwide. It is done through zkVerifier Node distribution, which will bring unprecedented convenience to users. With just a standard server, users can easily join and participate in the zero-knowledge computation verification process on the Lumoz Network.

The Lumoz computer layer, serving as the computational module, possesses the following characteristics:

  • Lumoz ZK-RaaS: Help others to build their own customized rollups. Support ZK-EVMs like Polygon zkEVM, zkSync and Scroll for broad compatibility and scalability;
  • Modular Compute Layer: Provide computing power to different rollups and other related companies and projects;
  • Lumoz AVS Oracle: built on EigenLayer standard, enhances security using its staked token mechanism;
  • zkProver: Responsible for executing specific computational tasks;
  • zkVerifier: Responsible for validating the execution results.

Check official docs by Lumoz to find all the details.

Why Node Sale?

Lumoz zkVerifier node enables easy participation and rewards, driving widespread adoption and expanding zero-knowledge computation applications.

Lumoz Network undertakes the critical responsibility of managing the entire network’s data input and output. To ensure the security, accuracy, and decentralization of the data processing process and its results, Lumoz Network introduces a mechanism of verification nodes. The core mission of these nodes is to review and verify every step and outcome of data processing to safeguard the security and interests of user data. To enhance the network’s self-regulatory capabilities, Lumoz actively advocates and promotes community participation in the verification process.

Check this article by Lumoz to know more about how zkVerifier Node works.

Why Lumoz?

Product Market Fit

Pioneering in the Zero-Knowledge field, Lumoz has established itself as the leading compute layer provider, playing an instrumental role in shaping and developing solutions to what’s seen today as the most rapidly growing sector in Web3: Modular Rollup Solutions with sovereign, scaling and customizable features. Decentralized computing layer will also bring value to different AI services. All in all, Lumoz is taking advantage of some of the leading narratives in crypto: AI, DePIN, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) services for Rollups.

Traction and Backers

Lumoz has fundraised $14M+ in collaboration with OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, IDG Blockchain, Gate Ventures, Polygon, Web3com Ventures and more.

Pre-series A valuation (April 2024): $120M;

Strategic Round (May 2024): $300M.

Some node tiers have very attractive FDV, comparing to funding rounds. For example, implied FDV for tier-4 zkVerifier nodes with 100% participation rate is $121.7M, which is lower than the last round and almost the same as Pre-series A valuation. Moreover, unlike early-stage token investors, node sale participants will not have a cliff and will start receiving tokens straight after TGE.

Besides that,

  • More than 40 000 nodes have been sold to date. Tiers 1–5 nodes are sold out;
  • 145 miners globally participating, Testnet verification nodes exceeding 20,000;
  • Lumoz supports over 20 L2 chains including Merlin Chain, HashKey Chain, ZKFair, Ultiverse, Matr1x, and more;
  • Community size of millions, with ecosystem TVL totaling over $4 billion.

Token utility

The MOZ token is the native token of the Lumoz network, playing a crucial role in various key areas of the network:

  • All transactions conducted within the Lumoz network require MOZ tokens as transaction fees (Gas);
  • Utilizing the zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) computation and artificial intelligence (AI) services provided by the Lumoz network requires payment of MOZ tokens as resource usage fees;
  • MOZ tokens can be exchanged for esMOZ tokens at a 1:1 ratio to adapt to a wider range of application scenarios. esMOZ serves as a reward for nodes providing computational power, security, and stability to the Lumoz network (including zkProver and zkVerifier nodes). esMOZ tokens are also used in the network’s delegation mechanism, acting as tokens for participating in delegation and promoting decentralized governance of the network.

25% of MOZ tokens will be distributed to zkVerifier Nodes as rewards for contributing to the Lumoz network. In addition to MOZ token rewards, zkVerifier Nodes will also receive airdrops from future chains created via Lumoz platform.

The full article on the token utility is here.


What is the value of having a node?

According to tokenomics, 25% of MOZ tokens will be distributed to zkVerifier Nodes as rewards for contributing to the Lumoz network. In addition to MOZ token rewards, zkVerifier Nodes will also receive airdrops from future chains created via Lumoz platform.

Do I have to operate a node?

Users will have the opportunity to delegate nodes, without the need to run nodes directly, and receive rewards from the activities of the delegated nodes that maintain the network. YAY Network will provide all the information on how to easily delegate the nodes.

How is this deal different from other places that offer Lumoz nodes?

Tiers 1–5 are officially sold out. There are high chances that the public sale will open with even higher tier. Stay tuned with YAY Network and get ready for very attractive terms.

Embracing the Future with Lumoz

By investing in Lumoz, YAY Network continues to lead the change in adopting and promoting innovative blockchain technologies, further cementing our position as a pioneer in the web3 market.

We know node sales is a relatively new thing, but we encourage our community to explore this opportunity and consider the strategic advantages that Lumoz brings to our growing portfolio.

Remember, as always, to perform your own research and make informed decisions. Stay tuned for more insights and investment opportunities, and for more information on Lumoz visit their official website and follow them on Twitter (X).

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