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5 min readDec 8, 2023
Learn how to invest for the Long-tem

In this ecosystem, new opportunities are always emerging. The real question is how to spot them. That’s where we at YAY Network excel. Spotting these early investment opportunities is a challenge, but it’s a skill that we’ve honed and believe is crucial to teach you.

This article is designed to be your guide through the landscape of crypto investments. We’ll share insights on how to identify opportunities that offer more than just promises.

Our goal is to help you to become an experienced investor but at no time should this be seen as financial advise!

What should you be looking into for a fundamental analysis?

In the initial stages of crypto investment, where technical analysis takes a backseat, understanding the core fundamentals of a project is the most important thing.

Key areas of our analysis include understanding market dynamics and supply-demand factors, scrutinizing investment rounds for signs of confidence from other investors, and evaluating the actual problem-solving capacity of protocols. Equally important is analyzing the business model for market fit, the utility of tokens beyond surface-level features, and the robustness of the project’s. Our process involves a thorough examination of the project team, leadership qualities, community engagement, vision and mission, and roadmap.

Lastly, a keen understanding of tokenomics and possible competitors’ price history plays a crucial role in our fundamental analysis, ensuring we identify opportunities that are not just promising but viable for long-term growth.

Details you need to Look at

What problems does it fix

A fundamental question in evaluating a project is understanding the problem it aims to solve. Does the protocol address a real, widespread issue, or is it merely a solution in search of a problem?

The value of a token often lies in its ability to offer a meaningful resolution to existing challenges.

Assessing the market value of the problem being solved and examining how other companies tackle similar challenges offers a clearer perspective on the demand and potential success of the protocol, as well as, provides a mindframe for possible protocol valuation.

Business Model & Whitepaper

The whitepaper is the blueprint of a crypto project, outlining its objectives, technology, and strategy. It should convey the project’s goals, the technological means to achieve them, and how the token will function within the market.

From it we understand the business model, which is a core area of concern. It reveals how the project plans to sustain and grow financially, and also reveals the team’s expectations regarding what they are building. At the end of the day, any company or start-up needs to be profitable, and it’s important that they are able to identify their revenue streams.

It’s crucial the protocol understands how to start generating revenue at an early stage!

A strong business model aligns with market needs. This involves analyzing how the protocol plans to generate revenue and its scalability. Even protocols that don’t introduce groundbreaking innovations but improve existing services can have significant upside potential if they present refined business models.

Previous Investment Rounds

Investment rounds offer a lens into the market’s confidence in a project. A protocol that has attracted reputable and experienced investors is often a sign of a strong foundation and potential for growth.

Reviewing who invested in early stages provides insights into the project’s credibility and the faith the investment community has in its success.

Considering the initial proposed Market Cap and compare it with its main competitors can be a good analysis to understand its potential.

Token Utility & Tokenomics

When it comes to assessing protocol viability, the token utility takes one of the major, if not the major, KPI we should be looking at. The true utility of a token transcends basic functionalities like governance or staking. It should be integrated into the project’s ecosystem, playing a pivotal role that resonates with the project’s long-term objectives and vision.

A token with genuine utility serves multiple purposes.

The most critical assessment is determining whether the token adds substantial value to the project or if it’s merely a tool for fundraising.

A token that exists solely for investment purposes, without a clear role or function in the project’s ecosystem, can be a red flag. It’s important to distinguish between tokens that are integral to a project’s operation and those that are speculative in nature.

Moreover, a token’s design should reflect a thoughtful approach to its circulation and value. This involves considerations like a deflationary model, where the token’s supply decreases over time, potentially increasing its scarcity and value. Alternatively, an inflationary model might be used to encourage spending and reinvestment in the ecosystem.


A clear and realistic roadmap is indicative of a project’s planning and vision. It should outline specific goals and timelines, providing investors with a sense of direction and milestones.

The roadmap’s feasibility and the project’s adherence to it are crucial indicators of its potential for success and effective execution.

Team Behind the Project

The team’s experience and track record are pivotal in driving a project’s success. Investigating the professional background of the leadership and technical staff can provide significant insights into the project’s potential. A strong team with relevant experience and a history of successful ventures adds credibility and confidence in the project’s future.

Community and Traction

Community support and traction are good indicators of a project’s health and future prospects. The strength and activity of a project’s community often correlate with its long-term success and adoption.

Final Thoughts

As we venture through the world of investments, the journey from identifying potential to realizing success is nuanced and multifaceted. By analyzing the above mentioned aspects, we equip ourselves with a comprehensive understanding of what makes a crypto project truly promising.

At the heart of this is the recognition that each project is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. The blend of technical insight, market understanding, and foresight is what transforms an investment decision from a mere gamble to a strategic choice. It’s about understanding the substance.

Let this article be your guide, your compass in this exciting yet challenging venture, helping you to make informed choices that lead to rewarding outcomes.

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