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3 min readOct 25, 2023

Big news! We’ve upgraded our launchpad to provide you with a more intuitive and efficient user journey. At YAY Network, our dedication lies in streamlining your experience, and this upgrade is a testament to that commitment.

Our ambition is to deliver a smooth, all-encompassing user experience, and ensured that all pertinent details are unified on one platform, allowing you instant clarity on your sale status.

The sale journey kicks off well before the actual sale day, so we’ve designed our platform to offer clarity right from the start, ensuring you’re always informed about your standing every step of the way.

Here’s a closer look at the upgrades:

Streamlined Navigation

We’ve enhanced the launchpad’s design for easy use. With its intuitive design, the revamped launchpad simplifies your journey. From verifying your staked YAY tokens to registering for any sale, every step is now at your fingertips.

Centralized Allocation Tracking

Say goodbye to scattered records. Our launchpad is now your sole beacon, furnishing live updates on all your ventures. Experience clear, precise investment tracking, devoid of ambiguity.

Quick Token Distribution

In the swift-paced crypto ecosystem, time is money, and we know how much you love your. Our enhanced token distribution mechanism ensures punctual and accurate deliveries, aligning perfectly with your allocations.

Direct OTC Marketplace Access

For investors, liquidity is king. Our novel OTC Marketplace lets you effortlessly trade allocations with your peers, granting you enhanced liquidity!

Unified Investor Portal

Monitor all your investments from a singular viewpoint. Our investor portal is precisely that — a hub where all your investment actions coalesce. Managing your portfolio has never been more straightforward.

Efficient Compliance Checks

Compliance isn’t just crucial; it’s mandatory. We’ve fortified our platform to seamlessly integrate pivotal background checks, encompassing KYC, AML, and beyond. Every investment move you make is backed by stringent compliance, ensuring security and legitimacy.

As part of the new launchpad release, we’re integrating Patex sale data. This means you will be able to trade your acquired tokens OTC. To ensure full access to your tokens, please register on the new launchpad using the same wallet used for acquiring your Patex tokens during the private sale in September, on our previous launchpad.

At YAY Network, you, our user, are our priority. This revamped launchpad experience underpins our unwavering commitment to elevating your experience. We’re eagerly anticipating this fresh phase and warmly welcome you to join us on this exhilarating voyage.

For more insights and news, keep an eye on our official channels. Your support means the world to us — thank you for being part of the YAY family!

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YAY Network is the thriving ecosystem specifically designed for ambitious entrepreneurs, set to revolutionize the world of fundraising and community building. Our goal is to empower innovators by delivering a comprehensive, risk-free, and accessible launchpad experience, coupled with a cutting-edge marketing and advisory suite.

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