Announcing $YAY Farming and rewards: skyrocket your APR.

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3 min readMar 15, 2022

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been growing at a staggering rate, with one of its significant catalysts being the emergence of multiple yield farming possibilities. Since our inception, creating numerous DeFi opportunities for our users has been one of our primary goals. Thus, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our first farm, which will be followed by Avalanche Farms to be released in the next few weeks.

We are sure that this will help our community members acquire extra rewards from their $YAY tokens. This post will explain how anyone can use their $YAY to earn an extra Annual Percentage Rate (APR) while using any of our farms.

How to start farming: Boosting APRs

The process is simple, to start farming, users need to provide liquidity on Pancake Swap (PCS) and pledge their LP tokens on our platform to earn rewards. Any farm participant will be able to harvest rewards at any time. A quick follow-through guide can be seen below:

  1. Buy $YAY. You can use our Swap here.
  2. Provide Liquidity to YAY/BUSD on PCS:
  3. Pledge your LP tokens on the YAY/BUSD farm to earn $YAY here.

The farms will be live from forty months up to 130 years. Users have no minimum amount to start farming, and there is no maximum cap on the quantity of $YAY they can use to farm. Thus tokens can be added at any time.

Once users have their pledged tokens from PCS, they can start farming. Rewards can be claimed when the user wants to, and APR will be calculated in real-time, with updates every five seconds.

As mentioned above, whenever a user wants, he can claim his rewards. By pressing the claim button and accepting through metamask, rewards will be added to the wallet. If users want to add more tokens to the farm, existing rewards will automatically be claimed.

Please note if a pool closes, there will be an “exit” and a “claim” button giving users the possibility to decide what they want to do with their tokens, never losing them.

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